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KIWAMI R&D Group to conduct anonymous testing of PGR method-based posture screening in March

In early March, KIWAMI R&D and IT Groups in collaboration with physical therapy experts will conduct anonymous testing of posture screening based on the PGR method*.

The PGR method was developed as a part of the effort for creating an automated motor skill self-diagnosis system WAmetr. Currently, the PGR method is used in the mobile data analysis app WAmetr.Perfect Posture, which beta version will come out on October 14, 2018.

Anonymous testing means that any anthropometric data obtained in the lab are first anonymized and encrypted using special software tools, and only then are analyzed by the KIWAMI Group experts.

Anonymous testing is designed to prove that the PGR method detects posture disorders with a high degree of accuracy. After successful testing, the PGR method may be recommended for use in automated real-time diagnosis systems implemented on top of the WAmetr platform or in other automated control systems.

We encourage volunteer students from medical higher educational institutions, as well as students from departments of adaptive physical training and physical therapy, biomechanics and biology to take part in the testing.

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* In the PGR method, PGR stands for the initial letters of the names of the method developers Panchenko, Gergega and Rudometov, who have modified the existing methods for visual diagnosis of human posture disorders and posture instability in upright stance and adapted them for further use in automated systems of various complexity.