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What is a health norm and does it exist? Thoughts of the assistant professor of biomechanics Valery Lokhov

Valery Lokhov, Associate Professor, Department of Computational Mathematics, Mechanics and Biomechanics of Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNIPU), candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences is engaged in the study of stresses in biomechanical systems.

In an interview with and, he talked about research under the WAmetr project.

WAmetr is an expert system for the comprehensive diagnosis of functional properties and human qualities. The system is developed by Kiwami R&D Group. The presentation of the WAmetr.Sport App prototype is planned for June 2020 in Paris.

– Valery Alexandrovich, what is the interest of The WAmetr project to a scientist representing fundamental science?

– The interest is to objectify the practical knowledge accumulated in medicine, professional and amateur sports. This is important because many conclusions affecting the life and health of the patient and the athlete are based on the subjective experience of a trainer or doctor. Most often, such assumptions turn out to be unreliable and cannot be successfully replicated.

– If we talk about unreliability, I recall the cartoon with the sailor Popeye. The drawn character obtained superpower from spinach. As it turned out, the usefulness of this plant was exaggerated due to the incorrectly calculated iron content in it. Nevertheless, at a certain stage, the miraculous power of spinach was believed unconditionally.

– It happens often. Therefore, it is important to compare well-known things with scientific facts, verify them with the laws of physics, biomechanics, mathematics and other exact sciences. In this regard, the WAmetr project compares favorably with the desire to use strictly scientific methods for analyzing medical and physiological data. I am interested in exploring the possibility of building multicomponent reference models in terms of biomechanics of motor practices. It is very interesting to study the practical aspect of obtaining motor samples in various systems of human physical development. Based on the data obtained, it will be possible to better understand what a person is like a biomechanical system.

– What is the practical meaning of such knowledge?

– You may have heard controversy about whether certain techniques and movements are performed correctly? Are they useful or useless? In fact, the dispute is about the representation of a standard with which doctors, coaches and mentors compare what they see. Already wondering – what is normal? Does it exist for man? The norm can be described objectively? And, if the norm can be described by mathematical methods, is it possible to verify these results? If we can calculate the norm, how to get the optimum adaptive properties for a single person? Will the norm be universal or should it, as I believe, be calculated for everyone individually? As a result of researches the working tool which will be able to use both athletes, and trainers, and sports doctors, and other experts has to be received.

– How to solve this problem?

– The avant-garde idea now is a proposal to investigate the impact of energy consumption on the performance of movements and adaptation processes in the human body during motor activity. The biological essence of human development is to minimize motor means and costs of life activity, thereby increasing life expectancy.

– To minimize costs, you can lie on the couch!

– And you ll get muscle atrophy and associated cardiovascular problems! Constant rest can not be called an optimal condition. Laziness impairs quality and reduces life expectancy. The essence of human existence is that every day a person must eat, drink, breathe and get rid of waste elements. This alone implies the need for meaningful activity for successful integration into the environment. Therefore, I repeat, in the end it is necessary to talk about the optimal ratio of human adaptive properties. This is the global challenge of basic science, to which we go through narrower research, including biomechanics of interest to me.

August 2019,