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Valery Lokhov: The most important resource that we have is intelligence

Valery Lokhov, Associate Professor, Department of Computational Mathematics, Mechanics and Biomechanics of Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNIPU), candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences is engaged in the study of stresses in biomechanical systems.

In an interview with and, he talked about research under the WAmetr project.

WAmetr is an expert system for the comprehensive diagnosis of functional properties and human qualities. The system is developed by Kiwami R&D Group. The presentation of the WAmetr.Sport App prototype is planned for June 2020 in Paris.

– Valery Aleksandrovich, in the previous interview you spoke about calculation and digitization of optimal activity. Tell us more about what we are talking about?

– We started with simple movements, such as walking. First, we capture the process on video and track the movement of key points in space. For example, on the hand, such points can be the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints. Based on these points, you can build a digital model of the movement of the entire limb. The next stage is more delicate things. Think you would be interested in controlling the movement of your spine? Specifically - how do the vertebrae shift relative to each other, what are the efforts between them, can this or that movement lead to pain?

– How will this help?

– Prevent negative changes in your health, and if they already exist, adjust motor activity. If even ordinary walking causes pain in the back (Yes, it happens) there is an option to do Nordic walking. It would seem that what has changed from the fact that the hands took two sticks? And, meanwhile, completely different muscle groups are included. The muscular system begins to work differently, changing the position of the back, the angles of movement of the arms and legs. With the apparent simplicity of Nordic walking, it will be useful only with proper practice. The optimal variant of movements and, most importantly, the correction of the identified problems can and should be calculated individually.

– In your presentation, the process of digitizing motor activity looks simple. Is that really the case?

– As for the simple digitization of movements, this problem is somehow solved. But it s not easy. Digitization of complex movements requires a powerful computer and a lot of time. Ideally, a specially equipped laboratory. Remember how movies are made in Hollywood now. However, Hollywood is a simple kinematics: a person moves, and the computer copies his movements. Our goal is to put some energy considerations into the calculations. What happens at this point inside a person with muscles and ligaments has been studied to a lesser extent. And studies of the complex adaptation of all body systems-as a response to changes in body position are just beginning.

– We started the conversation with sports, but in the process you mentioned the correction of negative changes.

– I see a promising application of the ideal model in the rehabilitation of patients after prosthetics, strokes, heart attacks. For example, after prosthetics, patients often complain about the inconvenience. The doctor, in turn, insists that everything is fine, you just need to get used to it. This point can be adjusted with the help of a personal ideal model of the patientes movement, taking into account the prosthesis. Such a system can explain either to the patient the position of the doctor, who claims that this temporary inconvenience will benefit the patient in the future, or to the doctor the error of his assumptions, followed by a change of strategy and tactics of rehabilitation.

– Do you have the technical capabilities to implement such an ambitious project?

– The most important resource we have is intelligence. For two decades, that develops the study of biomechanics in PNIPU, accumulated a solid scientific base and experience. On their basis, the project is quite feasible. If we talk about the technical side of the issue, then everything, as always, rests on money. Less resources means longer research and development. More resources-work moves faster. At the moment we need good programmers and licensed software.

– What is the result?

– New software product-expert system WAmetr developed by Kiwami R&D Group. I hope that WAmetr implements the biomechanical approaches we have developed to address the issues of achieving the optimal human adaptive properties. The ideologist of the WAmetr project Olga Panchenko assumes to calculate the personified ideal model of the person on the basis of the complex analysis of anatomical and physiological properties. For example, in sports, this approach will reduce the time to achieve high results, in medicine-the period of rehabilitation after prosthetics and serious diseases.

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